Government Gone Too Far Essay

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Americans have been questioning whether government surveillance has passed the limits of the right of privacy. The controversy is set whether the violation of the right of privacy is in exchange for security. In other words, is the government really providing security or control the citizens? Is it really to benefit the people or the government? With that questions, more questions are made like: Is the government correct on doing what is being done? The discussion here is; Has the government gone too far? The answer would be that yes it has, and it also brings danger to the citizens.h
The government has many points to its favor to surveil the whole country. The government surveils everywhere and everyone. Even the fact of what the world lives today gives the government more reasons to supervise the people in a whole another level, which mean violating the right of privacy. For example, according to Greiman the Unites States have been taking extra precautions to secure the country since the incident of September eleven of two-thousand and one. This incident
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Other than putting people in danger the right of privacy is being violated in many ways. People cannot deny that the government is brilliant at doing this and that in fact that there is good advantages, but the citizens’ rights are being violated in its totality. The discussion here is: has the government gone too far? The answer is totally, and there is no doubt. Paying so much money, going through so many information and collecting so much information shows that the government has gone beyond their power. In a nutshell the government has gone far beyond of what their power allows them too. It said that is for the benefit of the country but who knows, maybe it is or maybe is not. Everyone has an opinion and anyone can say what they want about the government’s ways, but that that there is a violation of right of privacy there

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