Violating A Norm : Norm Is Comfortable, Standard, Or Usual? Essay

1245 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
A norm is something that is comfortable, standard, or usual. This norms paper I will discuss two times that I had violated a norm. Violating a norm is doing something that isn’t very normal for people to do. It’s not breaking any laws or rules but violating a norm. I decided to break two social norms that I thought would a good violation and something that I expected to see a lot of reactions with. I will then talk about nonverbal and verbal reactions that I got from people around me and sometimes even my friends that were with me while I violated these norms. The first social norm that I decided to break was going to the beach in floaties and a inflatable tube around my waist. I thought this would be something good to try out due to the fact that our social norms tell us that only little kids that don’t know how to swim wear these to float. But why couldn’t a older person wear floats? So the violation of this norm is having a older person go to the beach covered in floaters. As I got to the beach I didn’t have the floaties on me but I had them in my backpack, as I pulled them out and started blowing up no one really noticed or paid attention to me. I understood this because I could be blowing them up for a kid or something like that. After I was done blowing them all up i decided to start putting them on my body one on each arm then the tube around my waist. While putting them on I looked around and noticed people staring at me confused and some even laughing. As I…

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