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How To Fix 3 Problems With Vinyl Windows
No matter what kind of window you have on your home, they will eventually have problems that require maintenance or repair. While vinyl windows don’t have the variety of problems that wood windows have, such as the need to seal the wood to prevent it from rotting, there can still be issues that require your attention. Be aware of these 3 problems with vinyl windows and how you can fix them.
Window Frames That Are Dirty
Vinyl is prone to collecting dust, dirt, and debris just like windows made out of fiberglass, wood, or aluminum. It is nothing to be concerned about unless you take some time to clean them about once a year. All you need is a cleaning solution that is non-abrasive for vinyl, which can even be something you make a home using ingredients like white vinegar. Apply it to the window frame, allow it to sit for several minutes to loosen any dirt on
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In addition, inspect the caulking around the window, since it can become very discolored from exposure to bad weather. You can clean the caulk, or remove it and install new caulk to give the window protection from moisture.
Window Frames That Are Difficult To Open
Are you having problems with a vinyl window that doesn’t want to open? If so, start by checking out the weather stripping. It could have become dislodged and is now in the track of the window, making it tough to open.
If the tracks look clear, it may help to apply a silicone lubricant to the window where the different parts of the window rub together. You can do this by applying lubricant to a rag, and then wiping it onto the places where you feel the window need lubricant. You can also apply the silicone lubricant using a small paintbrush. Take care to not get any lubricant on the glass in the process.
Windows That Have Condensation Between The

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