Vincent Parrrillo Causes Of Prejudice Analysis

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Having the opportunity of growing up in Irvine California creates a pretty unique and awesome experience that can carry throughout life . Irvine has developed into a prime location to live in Southern California because we locate only an hour outside of Los Angles, minutes away from many beautiful beaches, and a few hours away from mountain ranges and deserts. Irvine can be most commonly recognized for its prestigious public schools creating endless amounts of opportunities ranging through education and job opportunities. Although Irvine may have the stereotype to be a perfect utopia, or so called “bubble” away from the real world, a majority of people tend to look down on the accomplishments the city and people have established. Vincent Parrillo, …show more content…
In the essay, “Causes of Prejudice” written by Parrillo, defines the different types of prejudice that occur. One main reason he talks about is ethnocentrism; “a generalized rejection of all outgroups on the basis of an in-group focus” (Parrillo 505). Ethnocentrism coincides with prejudice by out casting a particular group but differs by judging the everyone instead of the individual that affiliates with the given beliefs. This falls under one of Parrillo’s levels of prejudice, cognitive level of prejudice, an example of this relates to when people mention the city Irvine and certain thoughts or stereotypes immediately come to mind People from Irvine also make these cognitive levels of prejudice by making preconceived assumptions of other people who live in other towns based on materialistic symbols of status such as houses, cars, and clothing. If others do not meet up to these standards of status, then “a person may avoid social contact with groups deemed inferior and associate only with those identified as being of high status” (Parrillo 509). This represents de-socialization, not wanting to interact with different groups of people based on social class. By Irvine not having a diverse population, interaction between different social classes or cultures cannot be seen. Furthermore, this limits the knowledge of new ideas and cultures that can be exposed narrowing our minds for the possibility of assimilating between different groups of people. All family and friend groups correlate with people of the same status or wealth, creating no room or need for possibilities of a different perspective. Irvine sets social norms such as driving a luxury car, not walking on the street after dark, and not using the bus as a main way of transportation. This adds to the idea of ethnocentrism, because other

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