Village Volvo Essay

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Case study Village Volvo

1. Describe Village Volvo’s Service Package

• Supporting Facility

1. Location
Suburban location –problem: when customer bring and leave their car for reparation, they might have problems to get back to town.

2. Interior decoration
Waiting room is equipped with a TV, comfortable chairs

3. Supporting equipment?
Not specified

4. Architectural appropriateness?
New butler building (prefabricated metal structure) four work bays, an office, waiting area and storage room

5. Facility layout
-waiting areas provided mainly used for customer who come for a quick, routine jobs etc

• Facilitating goods

1. Consistency:
Excellent care of customers’ unique requirements

2. Quantity?
3. Selection
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The service of village Volvo is individual tailored on customer requirements and the customer is participant by being informed as well as by getting an understanding of the problem. That creates customers faith in Village Volvo’s services.

Nature of Demand and Capacity

Village Volvo’s peak times are between 7-8am and 5-6pm, this results in common working hours from 8am -5pm
customers try to arrange to bring the car either before that time period or afterwards.
The extent of demand fluctuation is very narrow and the peak demand regularly exceeds capacity in that time frame

That’s why village Volvo’s mechanics do not repair in that time frame to get in contact with customer and why the drop-in hours are set up from 3-5pm on Wednesdays and from 8-10am on Thursdays (to exploit off-peak hours)

Method of service delivery

The customer travels to Village Volvo in order to obtain its service

4. How could village Volvo manage its back office (repair operations) like a factory?

No. The concept consists of openness to and interaction with customer.
It would not fit into the concept to handle back office activities hided from the customer. Village Volvo has four work bays and they should be open to the customer as well, so the customer who already knows any detail about the problem can see how the car is repaired

5. How can Village Volvo differentiate itself from Volvo dealers

Village Volvo is specialized on repairing and maintenance

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