Village Noise And Bruegel 's Parables Essay

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Hiroyuki Minamino chose a combination of descriptive and narrative writing when writing his article Village Noise and Bruegel’s Parables. Minamino utilizes a descriptive technique in order to set the scene of the article, giving almost two pages of description in order to set the scene and mood. Also, Minamino’s use of artwork based on Bruegel’s paintings provides further description of the village scene. Minamino’s descriptive style plays well into his/her use of a narrative style. Using the description previously set, Minamino uses said description to weave a story in which a group of traveling musicians comes to a village and provides their services, for a time. After discussing the points that Minamino wanted to make with his article, he ends the story with the musicians leaving the village, resulting in a return to normalcy for the village. Using a combination of these styles, Minamino describes and explains what he believes to be the life of a traveling peasant musician. Minamino gives an explanation, in a specific order, of what these traveling musicians were, why they chose such a profession, and what they did as part of their job.
Minamino admits that not much is known about peasant music because of the lack of surviving manuscripts regarding such music. However, a piece known as The Beggar’s Dance does provide some insight into what music of the peasantry may have been. “The melody is a catchy one, and the rhythm is lively. It is tempting to imagine that The…

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