Viktor Frankl 's Theory Of Existential Therapy Essay

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Viktor Frankl is one of many therapist whom were instrumental in developing the school method known as existential therapy. In 1930, Frankl received his doctorate at the age of 27. It was then that Frankl became the head of AmSteinhop Psychiatric Hospital. Frankl mostly worked on suicidal women and began to study why some women were proun to suicidal tendencies. During this time, Frankl developed his own approach known as Logotherapy, which was called the third wave of Viennese psychology. In 1938, Nazis overran Austria. As the head of Neurology at Rothschild hospital, Frankl would purposefully misdiagnose schizophrenics so they would not be euthanized but the Nazi Right. In 1941, Frankl worked in Nazi occupied Austria as a prominent physical inside a hospital in Vienna. Due to his social status, Frankl was given a visa that would allow him to safely leave Austria while many other Jewish people had to this opportunity. However, the hospital only afforded him the visa for safe passage and Frankl would have to leave his family behind in Nazi Austria. A sign in the form of a piece of destroyed marble that held writing from the Ten Commandments chose Frankl’s fate and he allowed his visa to expire. Frankl eventually lost both his parents, his brother and, his wife and his unborn child inside a concentration camp. It is estimated that only 1 in 40 individuals survived captivity inside the Nazi concentration camp. Yet, it would be this time in the concentration…

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