Essay on Views On Humanity : Humanity

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Views on Humanity
Over time, the definition of the term “human” has been an on-going paradox. Many scientist have studied on the topic of humanity and what truly defines a human being. As of now there are no fully established facts on either side. In order to identify a “ human” one has to determine the functions of the mind, which creates unique living styles, and broadens questioning of what is humanity. Research has come up with three basic arguments to identify a human based off of the workings of their mind. For example, scientist reinforce this argument by stating that humans have abstract thoughts, religion, moral judgment and have the advantage of creation. “No other species of animal, including the apes, are able to create and understand images of art and drawings” (Deem). This also is evidence showing how uniquely complex the human mind functions, even when compared to closely “related” ancestors. In addition, the majority of humans believe in some type of God, or heavenly figure. In an attempt to defend this scientifically, researchers refer to human beings as having a body, soul and spirit. “The spirit is that part of humans that is able to love and experience God directly” (Deem). If a researcher were to do a survey on the average person, the majority would answer to the question of humanity by stating humans have a soul/spirit (Zarmov). Using religious beliefs and research on animals and their characteristics, one can counter this argument by saying that…

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