Views On Abortion

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The Views on Abortion Abortion has been a subject where it is a not an easy subject to discuss. People who are for it and against it are not wrong because it is there situation and their choice to make what is right for them. Is it right and okay for the women to do it? Some women do regret it because it is wrong but if they don’t have the money and not in the right state of mind for a baby then I believe it is their choice to make a decision they believe it is best for them. In this research paper it will focus on the process of abortion, cost, pros/cons, should it become a law, case studies, and can women be denied to abortion? All very important topics people should discuss for something to know and for someone’s own good. Abortion started …show more content…
Well abortion is the choice for your life and how you want to live. There are some cons and pros on abortion and on most I agree on them. What really stood out is, modern abortion procedures are very safe and women are less likely to have health issues. It depends on the type of body though. The risk in dying while having an abortion is less common then the ones who are giving birth and could die. Giving birth is a high chance of dying and studies show it is fourteen times higher. Another pro for abortion is, reproductive choice empowers woman by giving control in her own bodies. It is a women’s own independence and ability to determine their future as said in the beginning of the essay. In the Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor wrote in the 1992 case on Planned Parenthood Vs. Casey, “The ability of women to participate equally in the economic and social life of the nation has been facilitated by their ability to control their reproductive lives.” Which is a quote that is agreeable on for the woman who need the motivation to do what they want to do. Abortion is not wrong period only for the ones who overthink. A con of abortion is, it can cause psychological damage. In men some studies show that about 50% reported regret, 45% felt sadness, and 25% went through some depression times. In some other studies for woman about 154% are most likely to commit suicide than the woman who is carried to term. Another con is that woman who accidently or plan to become pregnant should carry the pregnancy and have responsibility in his or her own flesh and blood. Not all women can produce a child and they are lucky to even have another life that is a replica of them. If having intercourse is something you want then do it but everyone should know how to use protection so they don’t end up getting pregnant. It is hard and having a child comes with a lot and not just responsibility but financial comes too. From

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