Views Of The Catholic Church Essay

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view of the Baptist, “it would be expected that our people would reject the view of the Roman Catholic Church, represented by the word “transubstantiation” ”(Hays & Steely, 1963, p.67). Such an important part of the Catholic Church is rejected by the Baptist, still, more is yet to come. As previously mentioned, the Baptist don’t believe in the practice of communion; it’s not part of their religion. Confession or reconciliation, is an important aspect for a Catholic as confession allows the individual to confess their sins to the priest and be forgiven for them. Through the interview with Pastor Jose, I was able to answer the question of why the Baptist didn’t participate in confession. In response to that question, Pastor Jose indicated that “you only need to believe in Jesus as he died to forgive us from our sins” (J. Giron, personal interview, February 20, 2016). There’s no need for confessing of sins because we’re already forgiven because that is why Jesus died for us. We don’t need to confess to a priest, all we have to do is speak with Jesus. Researching and digging in deeper about the Baptist religion, has unveiled how personal the Baptist are with God. Building relationships with one another and with God embodies the true meaning of a Baptist. The Baptist focus on living a life with God on their side and in trust. A small church embodies special connections with each member. Much is focused where, “Baptist hold the relationship with God to be personal, in the same…

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