Essay on Views From An Observer Of Mrs. Kings Class

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Views from an Observer in Mrs. Kings Class
“Good Morning, my little bats and ghouls. Today is October 24th, 2016. We will have Art today. I hope everyone has a good, calm day. Love, Mrs. King.” When I arrived in Lynn King 's kindergarten class at North Pennfield Elementary School, this good morning message was on a white board at the focal point in the classroom. I assumed she wanted the children to feel welcomed and informed about what the school day was going to be like. I looked around at all the play toys surrounding the walls, and work materials by the students who were very focused on their drawings. It was comforting. Organized chaos. Structure with leniency. After volunteering in her class the previous year, I knew that this perception I currently held of the classroom and students had so much more meaning. While observing, it was apparent that while teaching, Mrs. King used many of the same approaches I plan on using during my teaching career. Lynn King used her own life experiences and schooling to assist how she teaches her students, she places importance on the children learning in a structured but enjoyable way, educating them on more than just academics, and allowing them to feel comfortable being in school while preparing them for their futures.
After spending 23 years assisting young students, Mrs. King has been very involved in the community. She has spent all of her teaching career ay Pennfield Schools. While doing so she has spread her knowledge towards…

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