Pop Music Vs Modern Music Analysis

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I am Vietnamese who was born in the last years of the 20th century. Then, then 2000s was the era which the culture of pop music was automatically instilled in each person the day they started to listen to music. The modern pop music is one of the fastest growing genres in the music industries. And undoubtedly, pop quickly spreads its affections to the Vietnamese audience. Just the same as other people at my age, I used to despite older music, considered them out of fashion and boring. However, as my life and perception change, I found out that I also take interest in an older genre of music that called the Vietnamese “Golden Music”. Usually, people who enjoy Pop music do not appreciate the Golden Music. Yet, I found that this type of music …show more content…
Because the essence of this type music lies in its wording, people who do not speak Vietnamese as a first language will find it particularly hard to understand the songs. Moreover, each composer invests most of their time in their work choices. Unlike the modern music, whose lyrics are pretty straight forward, the Golden Music does not express its point right away or explicitly. This was a part of the Vietnamese traditional culture in older times. Thus, writers used a lot of implications, metaphor, and sometimes rare slang. Golden music lyrics generally talk about nature, time, animals, weather, and other things that in the end can be related back to their feelings. Therefore, even among Vietnamese native speaker, especially nowadays teenagers, who lacks both life experience and vocabulary, Golden Music struggles to win its place on their iPod; because to them, these songs are somewhat meaningless. However, it was said that when gone through enough difficulties and tragedies in life, a person will begin to understand the Golden Music; which is the reason why many people turn to like this kind music in their later in their …show more content…
Almost all Golden Music song has its own true life story or historical event that was told from the perspective of those who actually lived through those experiences. As a matter of fact, I particularly interested in finding out the stories behind these sorrowful songs. For instant, Chau Ki, a famous Vietnamese musician wrote the song “Giọt Lệ Đài Trang” roughly translated as “Elegant Tears”, one of the most famous Golden Music songs, after witnessing the tragedy of a beautiful women whose family and life was torn from her by the war, and knowing that her misery lasted for over twenty years. Moreover, Golden Music is a type of music which the composer freely expresses his feeling and attitude towards the experience or event without any barrier of ideals or political influences. This is the reason why after the Fall of Saigon in 1975, most of the Golden Music was banned in Vietnam.
In conclusion, the Vietnamese Golden Music is a combination of old and new styles. It is a genre of music which was developed throughout the era of enormous changes in the Vietnamese society and culture. Moreover, it is a way for the people to freely express their feelings, emotions, and perceptions without any barrier. Most of all, each song contains the writers’ truest feeling about their life experience and historical events; and by great imaginations, they carefully embedded their perception of the world deep

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