Vietnam War and Just War Theory Essay

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October 21, 2010
Saint Augustine v. Vietnam America saw many changes in the sixties as the younger generation found their voice. Amidst all the excitement and change the civil rights movement brought to the country there was still one haunting force that many Americans feared was lurking just outside of our boarders. Americans were plagued with the red scare, the extreme fear of communism. Americans trembled at even the sound of names of communist dictators such as Mao Zedong from China, and Nikita Khrushchev from the Soviet Union. As communism spread throughout southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, Americans began to fear that it was only a matter of time before communism leaked into the American society. As the communist forces of North
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Discrimination is the act of harming innocent and nonmilitary personnel. During the Vietnam War, there is at least one recorded instance where American soldiers rounded up and killed innocent village personnel. Another controversial issue regarding the jus en bellum and the Vietnam War is the responsibility aspect of war. The unexpected side effects of

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