Essay on Vietnam War And Its Effect On Society

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The Vietnam War was one of the many bloody Cold War era conflicts. It was a conflict between North and South Vietnam, who both had different ideals; the North was communist, and the south was anti-communist. Although the war was brutal and bloody for both sides, it has greatly impacted and changed both societies in one shape or form, shaping them into the ones we know to this day. There is no doubt that the Vietnam War had affected society during its time and still has a lasting effect on society today, seeing as it has damaged and affected the entire country of Vietnam, changed foreign and military policies in the US, and caused social and political changes in the US and Canada.
The Vietnam War affected life in Vietnam during the war, and still has an influence on the country today. To begin with, the war itself left the country in ruins. During the war, 8 million tons of bombs were dropped on Vietnam, destroying the land.1 Some of these highly explosive bombs failed to explode on impact during the war. They remain scattered across the countryside where they can detonate at any moment near or on unsuspecting farmers. Additionally, the chemicals sprayed during the war, specifically Agent Orange, still impacts the country and its citizens. Agent Orange is a herbicide whose side effects has the potential to damage the chromosomes of a fetus.1 Thousands of people were and are still born with physical deformities caused by Agent Orange. Furthermore, Agent Orange devastated the…

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