Essay about Vietnam : The Cold War

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Vietnam Video
With the Cold War in full effect during the 1960’s, America faced a new type of war. A war fought to save the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam from communism. Many people did not know where this country was but they were told that it needed to be secured in order to protect democracy in the rest of Southeast Asia. Some men signed up to fight voluntarily, others were forced into the war through a draft.
The war that was signed up for, turned out to be completely different. It brought death and destruction to many American families, as well as the country of Vietnam itself. Even those at home were able to witness the horrors as they were broadcasted to their television screens.The Vietnam War was the most painful war that America has faced because of its aftermath, the hardships faced by soldiers, and its low moral.
The war in Vietnam is considered America’s most painful war because of the hardships that the United States soldiers faced. At the time, an 18 year old general infantry soldier fresh from highschool, still full of energy and youth, was thrown right into an unforgiving jungle with cruel enemies. The footage from the film displayed many young soldiers eager to fight for their country, dancing around and joking, but they would later experience more pain and hardship than any other war fought by the United States.
Soldiers faced a variety of difficulties throughout the war. The first, being the harsh terrain of Vietnam filled with sharp elephant…

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