Vietnam War Movement Essay

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The Vietnam war was quite a long-lasting war that started in 1954 and ended in 1975. One of the main reasons that caused this war was that the north part of Vietnam wanted to spread communism throughout all the country. The United States got involved in the war, because they opposed that communism would spread throughout all of Vietnam. The US was at the side of the south part of Vietnam. This war was called the "American War" that took place in Vietnam. The Soviet Union and China supported the northern part of Vietnam. Many of the people who were participating in the peace movement of this war were usually mothers and students.
During this war many Americans were killed and injured, and many Americans were affected emotionally. The U.S got
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During the war, the U.S. president John Kennedy thought that the south of Vietnam couldn't reach their goal. During the Vietnamese war a group of students created a Democratic Society which was founded in the 1960s.
In 1965, a group of people and students were protesting the government and the attacks on the northern part of Vietnam. When these events happened, this where the anti-war movement started. These protests made more civil right leaders, to be part of the anti-war movement.
During the anti-war movement, presidents couldn't accomplish their promises, and this problem led to endeavor to stop the antiwar movement.
Many people during protests on streets or even on university campuses were shot. One of the most successful protests was during spring in 1971, in which they were many participants, it took place on Washington, they wanted to exhibit their disfavor of what the government was planning on doing. This protest was so rewarding, that its has been used when people do not agree with the
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The meaning of these song is that is like a hymn of freedom and was played during protests in the anti-war movement.
"All Along the Watchtower" by Jimmi Hendrix, this song was originally written and recorded by Bob Dylan, but they made a cover with Jimmi Hendrix, which had a great impact on Dylan. This song had kind of a meaning about the troops in Vietnam. When the U.S. troops where removed form the Vietnam war.
"Mr. President have Pitty" by Randy Newman, this song talks about back to a flood in 1927, and about the current situations during the anti-war movement and the long war in Vietnam. He wanted to transmit a message to the president, due to that he thought that maybe he was lying to the everyone or that he lost his mind and he just liked to do thing that would benefit him but not the country.
I think that the anti-war movement had a great impact on the Vietnam war, and the involvement of the United States, China, and the Soviet Union. Even though the United States lost he war and was a long war, but it had an impact in music and in

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