Essay on Vietnam And The Vietnam War

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Vietnam Tunnels

Imagine living your life in constant fear, living in the darkness with dangerous things all around you and constantly been bombed. Now imagine trying to fit in a small hole where you were there is barely any air and you can’t see what is in front of you. Well, this was the life of the Vietnamese and the American troops during the Vietnam war. During the Vietnam war, Vietnamese villagers created thousands of tunnels in order to protect them self from the enemy. This tunnel was located in the Cu Chi district. Therefore, they called these tunnels are called the Cu Chi tunnels. The Cu Chi tunnel is a chain of tunnels connecting villages, districts, and providence so that the soldiers were able to move from one place to another without been detected by the enemy. The tunnels were used by the Vietnamese troops or “Guerilla” as hiding spots during vicious gunfights, for communication, supplies routes, weapon and food hideouts, and also used as home and protection for many of the Vietnamese soldiers and villagers. This tunnels played an important part of North Vietnam winning the war. Now in order for the American soldiers to see what was down there, one “unlucky” soldier had to go down and see if there were any enemies in these tunnels. They were called tunnel rats. Most of these tunnels were built during the 1940’s when the communist forces rebelled against the French. Most of the tunnels were made by hand so it was a very slow process. The tunnels…

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