Problem-Based Learning Mental Health Case Study

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Problem Based Learning Mental Health
The video that I watched is called “Living with Schizophrenia”. Schizophrenia can affected several aspects of one life. Rebecca’s relationships, employment, sleep patterns, and everyday activities such as house cleaning, cooking, and even taking care of personal hygiene are affected. When the initial onset of schizophrenia started Rebecca said that she felt as if she was losing connections with her friends and family. Not having the social support while dealing with her condition made it difficult to accept. In our course readings it mentions that one of the basic human needs is to love and to feel as if you belong. (Kozier, p.1545) Those that do not feel loved or as if they belong will begin to isolate
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Had she not gotten the proper information about her condition, she could have gotten worse. Lack of education would have allowed her to think that she was just going through a phase and that she had nothing to worry about. Not understanding the illness and what causes or triggered reactions would create stress and frustration for all those struggling with mental illness. Managing mental illness requires effort and a strict medication routine. Without the proper knowledge Rebecca may have thought that she could get off her medications once she felt better. The education she is given allows for her to really understand her illness and find new ways to cope with any challenges. This will reduce the stress that she has and allow her to make the necessary changes necessary for a longer and healthier …show more content…
A special needs child who was fairly quiet and soft spoken was walking through the halls in the community center. As she walked parents were moving their children so that she would not be able to interact with them. She then saw a group of boys and girls and decided to say “Hi”. After she said “Hi” they attempted to mimic her and laugh in her face. This child must of felt as if she did something wrong. She might have been frustrated because she could not understand why people were acting that way. She might of felt unequal to everyone else due to the lack of interest and interaction those around her displayed. Stigmatization can affect people in so many ways. Jobs may not be given to certain people who have illnesses because of the stigma that it carries. People will judge based on their illness instead of their quality of work that they do. As stigma continues there will be a decrease in people who actually share that they have a mental illness which can affect them because they will not get treatment for their illness. Helping mentally ill patients and their family members to accept and understand their illness will be hard because everyone else will consider it abnormal. A way that we can reduce the stigma for mental health is to create more awareness in the media. Whether it be shows, news, or movies the public needs to be informed about the illnesses and all the misconceptions about them. There needs to be more workshops in schools for parents to attend and learn all

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