Video Response Worksheet On The World 's Most Dangerous Gang Essay

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Video Response Worksheet / SOCI 101 CCBC / Fall 2016 Section 03 / World’s Most Dangerous Gang

a. Deviance/p. 194: The violation of norms (or rules or expectations). (Henslin 194)
In Chapter 8 of the textbook, Sociology A Down-To-Earth Approach, the question “What is Deviance?” is asked. In my opinion, the answer would be the gang followed in this documentary video. Their name, MS-13, in Salvadorian Spanish, stands for Mara, meaning “group” or “clique” and Salvatrucha is commonly known to mean “street smart”. (Wikimedia Foundation) The majority of the acts that the MS-13 gang commits are deviant, because of the reaction to those acts. As the textbook states, “It is not the act itself, but the reactions to the act, that make something deviant.” (Henslin 194) For example, the MS-13 gang is notorious for their gratuitous violence, such as murder. In 2003, a 17-year old pregnant girl, who had become an informant, was found dead. She had been stabbed over a dozen times and was nearly beheaded. Her two murderers were members of the MS-13 gang and one of them was the victim’s boyfriend and father of the unborn child. To most societies, this would fit the definition of a taboo or the violation of a norm so strongly ingrained that even the thought of its violation is greeted with revulsion. (Henslin 47) Among most cultures around the world, the act of murder is looked at as being a heinous crime and in some places it is punishable by death. Another act committed by the gang that can…

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