Video Of Judgement Day : Intelligent Design On Trial Essay

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1. In the documentary video of Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on Trial, the basic conflict in the town of Dover, PA is that the school board of Dover High school intended to introduce the theory of Intelligence Design to the science class in the ninth grade, trying to break the exclusive mode of setting Darwin’s evolution theory as monopoly. Some residents, mainly the parents of the ninth grade students who insisted their beliefs on Darwin’s theory sued the school board for enforcing the teaching policies of including the intelligence design theory in the science classes.
2. The basic principles and origin of the theory of evolution by natural selection is that species arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations of their characteristics that increase the individual 's ability to compete the food resources, survive the environment, and reproduce to have more offspring. According to Darwin’s evolution theory, human beings arise from ape-like ancestors by adapting and changing over time.
3. Intelligent design is a pseudoscientific theory that certain features of organisms and living things are too complexed to be explained by natural selection, thus are best explained by an intelligent cause or an intelligent designer. According to the video, intelligent design proposes that life began abruptly by an intelligent agency, which distinctive characteristics already intact. Thus, the creation of human beings is supposed to be derived from the…

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