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Video Gaming
Since my parents were always working, I had no one to take care of me at this young age so my dad would drop me off at my cousin’s house every morning. As a young kid little did I know about the world of art, graphics, storyboards, and all the other things associated with video games. When my cousin came home from school it was his duty to entertain me and one day he introduced me to his Nintendo 64. Yup, one of the greatest video gaming consoles of all time that introduced 3-D games. This whole new world enticed me at the moment I picked up that controller and started to move Mario around on the screen, or even battle with my favourite Pokémon. I never imagined myself being able to run through vast plains, volcanoes, oceans, and see the architecture of a castle all in just one game in the 2000s. Little did I know that video games would mold me to become the person I am today, and the reason I met so many new people in my life.

Later on when I was 8 years old I had two friends who were slightly older than me. They introduced me to PC gaming, Runescape which incased slaying dragons, and Maple story a 2-D side scroller that had a great community at the time. When we got home we would all hop on the computer together and play. One of the greatest things about video games is all the people you meet, it grants perspective on other parts of the world. I made friends with another boy named Nick who is the same age as me when I was 8 who lived in Alberta…

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