Video Games - Ultimate Violence Simulator Essay

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Ultimate Violence Simulator In no other period of time has there been such exposure to violence as there is today. The world has, long before been consumed by such hatred and acrimony however, it was never praised to children and young ones for the sheer fun of it, but rather to protect something they loved and cared for. Over the decades, human society has begun to expose more violent media to the young masses with acts of entertainment such as movies and TV shows, but within the last few decades the rise of an interactive violence media known as video games has ascended to the public. This form of entertainment over the course of time has gained a certain charisma among its fans; however controversies cloud this form of media one side suggesting that it’s harmful and too dangerous for children. While on the other side there is a belief that video games are healthy for both the human body physically and mentally. Despite both sides having a valid argument, it appears that video games are proving to be a much more powerful entertainment that is better than bad to the world. Video Games themselves have been in existence well over thirty years (Thomas). Games first came in a harmless way with such titles as “Pong” that was brought out by Atari in the 1970’s (Thomas). Since that time video games have transcended into something entirely else, such as becoming first person shooter games that train military personnel to kill with one the main contributors being called “Doom”…

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