Video Games Taking Over The World Of Technology Essay

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Video Games Taking Over the World of Technology
John Dewey, an American educational philosopher, once said, “ Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” Education is the building blocks of a permanent lifestyle, so parents should desire for their children to have a stable foundation to build upon. Any concerned parent wants nothing but the best for their child so they are well aware of the new forms of child entertainment. Since the late 1970’s to the early 1980’s, children within the United States have become subject to a new type of entertainment: video gaming. (A TECHNOLOGY) As video games are becoming more apparent in the average American household, parents are beginning to wonder how videogames are effecting their children. Inappropriate games are sweeping the nation, consuming the innocence of children and changing them for the future. When children are exposed to video games that are unsuitable for their age, they may go through many behavioral changes such as increased aggression, loss of motivation, and become socially impaired. As well as negative outcomes, there are helpful aspects to video gaming such and new ways of learning and connecting with other participants that the player would not normally socialize with. Video games are not simply the stereotypical strip clubs and killing sprees that are advertised on television. With the bad games there are also the good. The reason that most games that are being recognized by…

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