Video Games Should Be Played With Friends, Not Online Strangers

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How did you connect with your friends, did you have fun filled game nights or would you play with some toys? In his essay “Why Video Games Should be Played with Friends, Not Online Strangers”, Bo Moore, a culture and entertainer writer, claims that gaming is a way for people to connect and have fun no matter what the game is. Whereas in the essay “Toys”, Roland Barthes, a literary theorist from france, state 's that toys are simply for users and owners and that people are never creators. Although the two texts differ, there are moments in Moore’s writing that supports Barthes views on users, creators and owners and how we are constantly choosing between those views.
There are many types of toys and with many types of toys there are many ways to play with a toy. Three main ways in which a toy can be played with are users, owners and creators. A user is one that just uses the toy, such as a toy kitchen. Its obvious that is it meant to be used to cook fake food. The kid isn 't doing anything with that toy kitchen that is creative, the kid is using the kitchen for its only intent. Even with a wild imagination there 's not much else to do with a toy kitchen besides cook, and that 's why it 's a toy for a user. Whereas with building blocks you can be creative and do as our heart desires ,there is no rule book or manual to follow. If someone wants to make a castle, they can. If someone wants to make a house, they can. If someone wants to make a maze, they can. With building blocks…

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