Video Games Increase Your Health And Happiness Essay

1931 Words Aug 23rd, 2015 null Page
Can video games increase your health and happiness? I believe you can and during the process of this paper I will prove it to you. There are many great benefits to playing video games such as increasing your happiness, stimulating developing brains , make you a better parent, and even extend your lifespan. I plan to present research and proof supporting my claims that video games can actually help you both physically and mentally. The first thing I will talk about is the first thing that caught your eye at the beginning which is that video games can actually extend your lifespan. Jane McGonigal actually created a game that has been proven to extend your lifespan by up to 10 years just by completing quests in game. Her game is called Superbetter. Superbetter is a simple game that she got the idea for when she was recovering from a traumatic head injury. Her doctor had told her that she couldn 't do most of the things that people take for granted such as drinking soda or playing video games. She had spent the last few months lying in bed pretty much not doing anything at all. She had become depressed and she said to herself “I 'm ' either going to kill myself or I 'm going to make a game out of this.” She then came up the game Superbetter which she started to use to actually combat her problems that she had suffered from the accident such as constant headaches and memory loss. She started to notice that her symptoms had started to subside the more she played her game so she…

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