Essay on Video Games Impact On My Life

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In 1996, I remember walking through the mall with my Mother. It was a few months before Christmas, and since it was before the time of online shopping, she would go all out for the holiday. I 'm talking about the type of person who could find the unattainable items. Was the Nintendo 64 impossible to get? She got 2. Super Mario 64? She got 2. My brother and I wanted to try out the games at the kiosks before we got them for Christmas -- she found the ones without a line. We were poor growing up, but Christmas was when we were spoiled. I 'm talking spoiled during Christmas to the point where it 's embarrassing that we asked for such things. The realization has made me despise gifts of any kind. That 's a whole other story. The point is video games impact of that sense of enjoyment when I was a kid. Back then was the last real time I was obsessed with video games.

Before that time of N64 or Super Nintendo, I got my first Nintendo Entertainment System when I was around 6-years-old. It came with Super Mario Bro 's/Duck Hunt. It took my Dad and my Uncle a few hours to hook it up. It was so easy to hook up looking back, but since it was revolutionary, it was uncharted waters for parents to hook something like that up to a television -- one made of wood. We just sat there anxiously like we would be waiting for pizza at a birthday party. They say time is different depending on the gravity you 're near. 10 minutes could be 5 hours watching grown-ups install the peak of childhood…

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