Video Games Have Many Negative Influences On The Health Of Children And Youth

2196 Words Aug 3rd, 2014 9 Pages
With the development of advanced science and technologies, a remarkable improvement of people 's living standard has been achieved globally. For instance, as an advanced technology, computer technology is constantly bringing fundamental changes into the lives of Canadians. As an important derivative product of computer science, video games have become a popular entertainment method that enriches the entertainment life of Canadians impressively, especially to children (5-11 years old) and youth (12-17 years old). However, with the prevalence of video games among the young generation, more problems are brought to our attention. Critics of video games argue that video games have many negative influences on the health of children and youth, and some topics such as violent behavior of children who play video games have been widely studied. However, the relationship between the increasing obesity rate among young Canadians and video games is often overlooked by the public. According to a study by Tremblay and Willms (2003: 1100), the obesity rate among Canadian children and youth has grown rapidly from the 1990s to the twentieth-first century. One of the reasons leading this public health issue was prolonged “screen time”. This paper will emphasize that playing video games can cause the decline of physical exercises, short sleep duration, and poor diet, causing that the increasing obesity rate among Canadian children and youth has become a serious public health issue of the future…

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