Video Games Have An Effect On Their Personality Essay

1326 Words Dec 5th, 2016 6 Pages
After the 90’s there was a boom in technology. Every teenager wanted a gaming console. At that time, there were limited games for children to play but Technology has been advancing in an exponentially. Now people easily reach any game and they can play in on their phone, tablet, computer, and console. The types of games have an effect on their personality. So video games can make people violent.
To begin with, what is a video game? “Interactive digital entertainment that you “play” via a computer, a game console or a phone”. ( They type of a video game can be everything from education to simulation. For example, some websites like you can go there and play online games while you are learning the basic of coding. Similarly, you can play simulation games for example “Clash of Clans” on your phone which is a very good strategy and simulation game. Today we play these video games everywhere we want because we are carrying them on our phones.
First, video games can make you lose control of your anger. The advancement in technology changed the graphics in our PC and console. Now they are evolved to a new level, some games have a lot better graphics then new films. This is a benefit for users because now every scene, move, talking and sound is looks and sounds like real. The users feel like they are really in the game. However, this virtual reality has a big disadvantage when the user plays an action game. In most of the action games the user…

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