Video Games Have A Way Of Influencing The Character And Moods Of The Players

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In the present world, children seek entertainment from various sources that include internet, video games and music, to mention just a few. Mostly, cartoon programs are only attracting the children that are below the age of six (Breckler & Olson, 2009). Those above this age prefer to play video games like the Brick Game, which they greatly cherish playing. There are those children that are knowledgeable about games like soccer. For example, FIFA Play Station games. Video games are very attractive to children, and they can take the better part of the day for children. Some video games like Need for Speed can drag the full commitment from the players, children, and adults alike. Video games have a way of influencing the character and moods of the players. As research reveals, the majority of players could be joyful throughout the day thinking of having succeeded in playing a FIFA Play Station game. On the other hand, players could remain moody especially if they lost a game they wanted to win. That’s why the scientists said that the human mind is influenced by the environment. There are a number of video games harmless to the minds of children which parents feel safe when their children play. Like a games offer nothing more than entertainment. An example is Brick Game. however, it is the video games that is full of violence that parents prevent their children from watching. One example of such a video game is Doom. Violence video games have caused harm to the…

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