Essay about Video Games Cause Violent Behavior

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If it were true that violent video games cause violent behavior, then the question would be, how are young children getting ahold of these M-Rated games? The blame would therefor be on either the children’s parents for buying them these games or stores, for failing to enforce the rules of minors not being allowed to buy M games without being eighteen years or older. A lot of kids or teenagers tend to get caught up in the games they are playing. They start to believe that they can portray the video game actions in real life. Some kids feel some sort of connection between real life and the video games. In a book called “Signs of Life in the USA”, the author of the reading named Zach Waggoner uses a quote by Jannet Murray that says, “We may not want to acknowledge a connection between ourselves and the mechanical world, but to be alive in our time is to be faced with this reflection, like it or not” (487) . This quote suggest that there is a connection between the real world and the mechanical world. On an article found on the Giant Bomb website, an assistant manager of game stop posted that he sees parents come in all the time and buy their seven year old’s an M game. It is part of his job to ask parents if they are okay with the content, and ninety percent of the time parents are okay with it. A lot of parents believe that they should be able to buy their kid whichever game they want and some believe that restrictions on M-Rated games aren 't as strict as they used to be.…

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