Mass Murder Cases

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Video Game is not the True Face behind the Mass Murder

In the last decade, the number of mass murder cases has been rising in North America. Some examples of such mass murder cases include the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and the shooting at Batman the Dark Night Rises Premiere in Colorado from 2012 and 2013 alone that caught the attention of many people and the media. Recently, there are lots of video games that are published with violent content, such as Grand Theft Auto series and other video games that are related to gun and murder. Also, many people think that these video games have a relation with criminalities that happen around us because these video games have objectives that involve crime to accomplish.
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A child learns the view that really hurting someone is wrong. The value of human life forms is reinforced. “But in these games, if you blow someone’s head off, you get extra points,” he said. “You don’t get in trouble, you get rewarded. It’s a very dysfunctional play. (44)
Grossman points out that violent video games make the players get used to violence, such as killing people, even cops and soldiers need to be trained to be psychologically adjust to violence.
One reason that video games cause aggressive behaviour is that the standard of violence is different now and 30 years ago. In the past, a video game such as Super Smash Bros is categorized as
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When people play violent video games, they can do something that they cannot do in real life, such as killing people, robbing a bank, and stealing a car, and some people feel satisfied with these. People are not completely able to distinguish reality from fantasy because they are not educated enough. When people play video games intensely, their brain sometimes show up an idea to resemble what they do in the game. This phenomenon is called Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP) that means “people are recreating, transforming, and aligning elements from the game into the real world ‘puzzle’” (Gortari and Griffiths 2). In other words, people can imagine that they are the character of the game in their real life. For example, after playing Grand Theft Auto, people may feel that they are in the same condition as the character in Grand Theft Auto, which what the players usually do is attack another character, destroy cars, and destroy public facilities (DeVane and Squire 3). Imagine if these people do not have enough education to differentiate fantasy, there are possibilities that these people will do what they do in the video games, such as continuous gun shooting to the people beside them and massive hit and run, to find the fun

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