Essay about Video Games Can Be A Mental And Strategic Sport

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Around the world more than 1.2 billion people play video games of those 700 million play online games, as of 2013. Compare that the 3.8 million people who play some sort of organized sport. These numbers show that more and more people are playing video games, in this day and age where people are more connected than ever before it is only a matter of time until video games are considered a sport. Now I am not comparing video games to football or baseball, which are highly physical orientated sports, what I am saying is that video games can be a mental and strategic sport. When playing online video games on a team vs. team basis without some sort of strategy you will lose. Same as any other sport that exists, if your team does not work together and does not play by a strategy you will lose. A very common misconception is that videogames make people lazy, in some cases this may be true, however when football and baseball became professional sports people had similar worries about the players of these games, that they were throwing away their lives to play a game. For some people playing sports is not an option, whether that be money or just not physically able to play, however with video games you don’t have to worry too much about money or whether how fast you can run or, how far you can throw a ball. Videogames should be considered a sport First off I would just like to get one thing out of the way, the dictionary definition of a sport, an activity involving physical…

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