Video Games Are Good For You Essay

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In today’s culture, it is popular to believe that video games influence people, in a negative way. In contrast to the belief, video games are beneficial for you. Video games improve skills, such as enhanced desire to learn and better develop skills, already acquired. Also, video games improve a player’s ability to become social. Additionally, video games have the potential to encourage players to learn more about the always advancing technology. In opposition to the accepted beliefs, video games are good for you.
First, video games make learning fun and have a greater impact to the player. For example, there are a wide variety of games to fit an extensive audience. In effect, this would have a better chance in people finding an interest they appreciate. If an individual finds something that he or she finds interesting in a video games, he or she would enjoy playing video games. As a result, this would enable the player to savor the video game, while learning. Mark Loon, a doctor at University at Worcester, had written about the effects of video gaming. Loon had written that, video games teach the brain to be more effective and learn more (Loon 1). This proves that, games have great effects in learning, depending on the type of game. With the great variety of games, there are some games which are better than others.
Certain games have a greater influence on people than others. Games that contain multiplayer have the greatest effect on its players. Specifically, games like…

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