Video Games And The World Of Comic Books Essay

719 Words Dec 9th, 2016 3 Pages
In the world of comic books, graphic novels and manga, I have acquired my love for these types of reading for entertainment, but learning from the course of Reading Graphic Narratives, I learned to not only value the text or only the drawings when reading these types of texts, but to instead value both text and drawings to compile the meaning of the whole story. Another meaningful detail I learned in this course was, video games and graphic novels both share the elements of text and visual art. Even though video games are a type of media that give you audio, text and images, there will always be more to what meets the eye or ears, when playing a video game. Third, meaningful detail I learned in this course was, when a drawing style is more simplistic, we can relate more to what the story is about since, we can put ourselves as the character which increases immersion and understanding of the story. Last meaningful detail I learned in this course was, “The time and space are one and the same”, when reading graphic narratives because I never knew that this type of thing related to reading the panels of comic books or manga and realizing that the panels hold more than keeping the images together. In addition, I learned that when an image bleeds through a page, it means that the drawing on the page has a lot of importance to the story and it is not just a big picture on the page. When registering for this course, I didn’t have to think twice in being in this course because I…

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