Video Games And The Negative Effects Essay

1474 Words Jan 22nd, 2015 null Page
Video Games and the Negative Effects Can violent video games lead to violence? Video games are very popular in today’s society. People from all different ages play these games. The population has grown and video games are doubling in production. Even though violent games shouldn’t be exposed, playing for a long period of time can lead to violent behaviors. Now in today’s world it doesn’t matter if you’re young or a female, games attract many people. Since games are one of the biggest interests to people that means more time alone and not being social with others. Staying in and playing violent games for hours and even days at a time can affect you as a person. It can lead to personality changes. Like aggressive behavior, not wanting to socialize as much, and different moods you have never experienced before. Dr. Mario Vance a psychological researcher at the Rapture Institute has conducted a study on a seven year old. He notice there was a change in the boy’s behavior. He has also studied more than a thousand volunteers from gaming communities. The results of his study showed how overall aggression and violence occurred. For that reason video games that show violence shouldn’t be accepted. Here is an article that states the violence; The American Academy of Pediatrics released a harrowing Policy Statement in November, 2009 warning its members about the health risks posed by children’s use of violent video games, and urging its members to track children’s violent media…

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