Video Games And The Game Of Nba Essay

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Many video games often provide people with a quick hour of entertainment. One game for instance is National Basketball Association 2k17 (NBA 2k17). Although it is a popular game, many are unaware of its numerous advantages. Some feel that NBA 2k17 is just another ploy to earn money and mush consumers’ brains. However, playing the game of NBA greatly improves one’s skills and knowledge in the game of basketball.
In the game NBA 2k17, there is a game mode called My Player. My Player game mode allows you to play as your own virtual pro in any position of your choosing . The objective is to turn yourself from a rookie into a star. While playing this mode, the camera angle is set to a first-person point of view. By doing so, this allows one to feel as if they are actually on the court during the game. You learn to see the ball, pass, and even shoot from a first person perspective. And after following the commands to play effectively in a first person view, one will recognize how the game of basketball is to be played in reality.
Additionally, while playing as your pro or player in NBA 2k17, one gains the positioning and awareness aspect of the game. Because first-person narrows your view and peripheral vision to the ball and the players in front of you, NBA 2k17 helps by directing your positioning. A small white ring is placed at the feet of your virtual pro. This ring lets you know where you should be positioned on the court relative to the ball. For example, when playing as a…

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