Video Games And Its Effects Essay

1031 Words Jun 6th, 2016 null Page
Video games have been controversial since their inception. Many American youth have found enjoyment in the playing of video games. Whether it is the interesting challenge video games possess or the flashy graphics, video games seem to offer something for everyone. These video games are varied in their function, but for the most part similar in the way a player interacts with the virtual world. This new and still developing technology that is video games has been called harmful by some scientists and helpful by others, but how can this contradiction be possible? The truth is not so simple and to find it you have to investigate these studies and see how they were performed. After a careful inspection of these studies the reality of the situation presents itself. Video games are not just a source of entertainment, but also a tool to strengthen the brain of the people who use them. Different video games are widely different from other video games, but they all have the same goal. Video games are meant to immerse the player in a different world, but the objective of each game is unique. Some games have puzzles that need to be solved, alternate games have players racing friends in cars, and others have players reenacting past wars. These war or shooting games are the ones most commonly brought up in discussions, but these types of games made up half of only all video games sold in 2014. ("U.S. Video Game Genre Sales 2014 | Statistic.") The rest of these games are…

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