Essay on Video Games And Its Effects On The Gaming Industry

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In February 2013, Zoe Quinn, an independent game developer, releases Depression Quest, a browser game, and received positive feedback in the gaming industry. Unfortunately, backlash came from a group of individuals who believed that the new title received undeserved attention. By August 2014, Quinn became the target of increasing harassment that soon became something she could not ignore, especially with her ex-boyfriend posting a blog post suggesting that she was dating Nathan Grayson, a journalist for the gaming news site Kotaku, for a positive review on her new game release; the fact that this was false was useless and did little to quell the harassment. Soon, Quinn’s social media and cloud accounts were hacked and she was subjected to rape and death threats and was forced out of her own home when her home address was posted online (Parkin).
This campaign of hate and harassment soon spread to include Anita Sarkeesian, a gaming blogger who was already under attack for her award winning YouTube series Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, which analyzes the sexist stereotypes prevalent in video games. Like Quinn, Sarkeesian received rape and death threats, along with her private information released (Wingfield). Brianna Wu, another independent game developer and co-founder of the video game studio Giant Spacekat, also had her personal information leaked and became the target of rape and death threats online as well (Stuart).
This soon became known as the Gamergate controversy…

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