Essay on Video Games And Its Effects On Society

804 Words Nov 19th, 2015 4 Pages
Video games are generally criticized and looked down upon for the negative effects that may they have. Specifically the violent genre of games gives video games as a whole a damaging reputation. However there are positives that can outweigh those negatives. While some believe gaming can negatively impact an individual’s life, video games can influence education, motivate individuals, and assist in rehabilitation. Which is vital to the community due to everyday children and adolescents being under the influence of video games, and therefore can hold an impact towards the future. While certain video games can teach gamers things such as bits of history in Assassin’s Creed, or gravity and puzzle solving in Portal, more schools are using video games to help teach students. In fact, “Fifty-five percent of teachers use video games in the classroom on a weekly basis, and many find these games to be an effective tool to motivate low performing students…” (Meyer). Some schools have even integrated multiplayer games, such as Minecraft or World of War craft to get students to work together. They receive assignments that involve story making and writing in World of Warcraft and using Minecraft to create zoos or teach math using just blocks (Meyer). So the involvement of video games in an educational setting helps engage young students, especially ones that have difficulty with certain courses, to learn by a different method that keeps them invested in their schoolwork. Video games…

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