Video Games And Its Effects On Human Beings Essay

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A game is a type of play with set rules mainly meant for entertainment. They require specific talents or skill for them to be interesting. Otherwise, they tend to be a burden. They can either be manual or electronic. Electronic games are commonly referred to as video games. The main aim for games is to entertain and refresh people. In the proceeding discussion, we shall attempt to discuss video games addiction and its effects on human beings.
Any game that is played on the computer is called a video game. Since every aspect of life incorporated the use of technology, scientists thought that it would be a splendid idea if games could also be played with technology. Consequently, the first video game was created. The first video game was set up in October 1958 by a physicist by the name William Higginbotham. The game was similar to modern day tennis. He created the game with the intention of diverting from studies and work. The game had poor graphics and sound but still managed to achieve its purpose. Nevertheless, manual games were still popular. Furthermore, back then, people who had access to computers were countable.
As time passed by, more video games were developed. The purpose of the new games was to entertain kids. However, the games would just be played as part-time. The rest of the time children were expected to play with each other, interact and also get exercise. With time, video game revolutionized especially regarding graphics and sound. To date, several games…

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