Essay about Video Games And Its Effects On Children

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When a person walks into an office building and begins to open fire they are blamed for the horrific act and sent to jail immediately, but if a person were to do the exact same thing but it came out that they love to immerse themselves in video games, the public and the media would blame it all on the game producers saying “these games are responsible, you must pay”. This can go on no longer; people must know the truth about video games and their effect on children and youths before grabbing their pitchforks and torches and going after the people who made these games. In the DC navy yard shooting the gunman who killed twelve people and injured three more loved to play video games, so naturally the media instantly blamed this as the causal factor for this horrific incident. The stigma that video games have been receiving from all types of people, young and old is just inexcusable and can go on no longer. People who say "Video games are polluting are children 's minds with violence" are wrong and I will give examples of the actual mental and physical effects that video games have on a young person. Moreover I will go on to explain the (effect that video games have had on the) correlation between video game sales and crime statistics in recent years and without doubt prove that video games in fact have a positive effect on a child 's development.
The biggest reason as to why many people are against children playing video games is that they have serious negative effects on a…

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