Video Games: Brain Killers

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Video games, a great way to kill time,or relax with after school,or even compete at. Video games started back in the 1950s with one moving pixel and plastic sheet on the screen for a level. They weren 't always called video games they were simulations or computer puzzles but people saw then as a fun thing to play over time they evolved and so did they way people think of them it started as every body wanted a game conconsle to people still wanting them but seeing them differently. Now most parents see them as brain killers when in truth they are they complete opposite they 're a brain workout in many ways. Most video games can help people in many aspects in today 's society.
Video games are a marvel in the world but people do not think
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Maybe by having a stressful day the person has some built up anger so they need to take it out on something so the play a fighting game because in a fighting game such as Street fighter or mortal kombat it gives you the feeling of control and simulates you hurting something without actually hurting someone keep them from being violent. video games also help fight with depression (mcgonigal). People that struggle with depression are mentally and physically drained and feel like they are not in control. playing video games doesn 't require much physical movement and it helps them strengthen their mentality by making them feel like they are in control of something. Studies (mcgonigal) show people that play video games have a higher chances of beating their depression than others that don 't. All video games not just the educational one are great learning experience. It all starts on the very first level called the tutorial level teaches them the rules and how to do the basics but as the game goes on they learn how to strategize and improve their skills all together not only in gaming but also hand eye coordination and processing skills. so video games can help your overall brain …show more content…
The Researcher Jane Mcgonigal has gone through a series of studies to prove this.and along with Brian sutton-smith(recently deceased) who first had these study found some incredible finds.(sutton-smith)(mcgonigal) He first took a group of two groups of people a group of children and a group of adults and had them play not video but play around. He observed them closely to find out that when people are playing they experienced “stronger self-confidence, increased physical energy, and powerful positive emotions, like curiosity and excitement, during play.”(sutton-smith) Which is the opposite of depression itself. People diagnosed with depression lack energy to do everyday tasks,are overly pessimistic(mainly over their own abilities), and lack any positive emotion. Smith did all this before the advancement in technology.He couldn 't check blood flow or scan brain function like we do today well before the area of video games. Today 1.22 billion people today play video games and his quote of “ the opposite of depression is play” goes along well at neurological level with 1.22 billion gamers

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