Video Game Violence And Its Affect On A Child 's Behaviour Essay

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Video Game Violence and its Affect on a Child’s Behaviour Battlefield: Hardline, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Plain, and Mortal Kombat X, what do these game titles have in common? They were all listed as some of the most violent video games on the market for 2015 (Hayes). Though there are age restrictions set by Entertainment Software Rating Board children still have access to these “restricted” games from their parents or peers. There has been controversy over violent video games and if they should be available for children. Playing violent video games may promote a child to be aggressive and violent among others. When creating a research design, field research is the best approach to study behaviour among children, probability sampling will be used to select participants, and participants will be in two different settings. A researcher will hypothesize that video game violence is linked to aggression, the disadvantages of field research, the ethical concerns, alternative methods to reconsider, connect Herbert Blumer’s symbolic interaction perspective to the study, and understand why video game companies chose to use violent content.
Field research is the most beneficial methodological approach to study the causation between a child’s behaviour and violent video games. According to Babbie and Benaquisto, “Field research is especially appropriate to the study of those attitudes and behaviours best understood within their natural setting” (Babbie and Benaquisto 300).…

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