Video Game Violence And Desensitization Essay

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Video Game Violence and Desensitization
In 2006, Carnagey, Anderson and Bushman have conducted research regarding the cognitive effects of violence in video games. Their research question was stated as the following: “Does exposure to violent video games decrease physiological responsiveness to real-life violence?” Accordingly, the hypothesis was defined similarly: “Violent game players would show less physiological arousal, desensitization, in response to real-life violence than would nonviolent game players”. To examine the stated causal relationship, the researchers used a two-group between subjects design. The experimental group and control group are exposed to two different levels of the independent variable. The independent variable, the exposure to violent video-games, is manipulated whereas the dependent variable they measure is the physiological desensitization to real-life violence. The subjects of the research were 257 college students who received course credits for participation. Additionally, a cover story was present to hide the purpose of the study.
First, their baseline heart rate (HR) and the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) were measured. The GSR is a change in the electrical properties of the skin (Syed Noh, 2015). The participants had to fill in the Physical Aggression subscale of the Aggression Questionnaire and their gaming behaviour was defined: the total gaming time per week and its percentage on violent video games. Then, the participants were…

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