Video Game Literacy : Video Games Essay

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Video Game Literacy
Video games have been around about 50 years and they contribute a big part in the U.S. economy. People interact with video games every day throughout different ways, such as cell phone devices, computers, consoles or whatever which has a screen on it. In fact, it has always affected people’s lives. However, not so many people understand the benefits of video game literacy. With video game literacy, people can not only relieve themselves from stress and suffering, but it also improves people’s social experiences while they are exchanging and absorbing knowledge with other people; more than that, people can learn many other literacies from video game literacy which can help them to achieve great things in lives.
By using video game literacy, people can reduce their stress levels. There are many ways to relieve stress: alcohol, gambling, sex, drugs, violence, etc; however, most of methods tend to keep and build more stress within the victim. Video games are still one of the most effective and safe way to relieve stress. People are likely ignore common stress because they experience it every day. However, stress without relief can turn into distress. Distress can negatively affect the victim’s physical body with symptoms such as migraine headaches, back pain, upset stomach,etc ; along with mental problems: unusual behavior, reduced work efficiency or productivity, social withdrawal, etc. It is not easy for people to relive stress by themselves. Luckily,…

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