Essay about Video Game Addiction A Real Problem

1500 Words Dec 11th, 2015 6 Pages
The word "addiction" is defined in a different variety of ways, but the general definition of such refers to a compulsive drive to engage in some activity or substance that is clearly harmful to our bodies. Within the Washington Post article, "Video-game addiction a real problem, study finds" written by Donna St. George, and the report, "Online Game Playing Is not Addictive," by Peter Gray, the argument about dangers of video games are discussed, as well as their consideration about the level of addiction video games can create. Within these two sources, the levels of addiction video games create is not significant, magnifying that it is wrong to assume someone 's interest in video games as an addiction. The two sources prove the absence of addiction since there would be more cases of addiction like symptoms, as well as the majority of gamers are perfectly sane and not addicted, and that an addiction of video games may be caused by more internal problems than the average player. The labeling of children as "pathological" gamers need more research of any mental illnesses, or any conclusive, more defining evidence.

One who finds video games as an addiction, and feel as if children are "pathological" gamers should have conclusive evidence to support their claim, in order to prove video games are the cause creating addiction. In the Washington Post article, it states, "[g]amers were deemed "pathological" if they reported at least six of the 11 symptoms" in which some symptoms…

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