Video Game : A New Technology Format For High Dynamic Range ( Hdr )

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2016 Televisions
Of the latest generation in home television sets, High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the newest feature on 4K televisions. The LG B6 and the Samsung KS8000 televisions are two 4K television sets offered in a 55” size that has differences that will appeal to either movie watchers or video game players based on the latest HDR technology, picture quality, and input interaction.
One of the main things the 2016 television will catch consumers eyes is the most recent marketing technology buzzwords. In the past, there has been 3D, which was poorly executed in recreating the theater experience. Recently there has been UHD and 4K stamped on the boxes of televisions that offer resolutions surpassing the standard 1080p HD resolution. For 2016 models, multiple manufacturers have adapted a new technology format for High Dynamic Range (HDR), used to display a wider color gamut. In standard terms, think of the bright highlights that you see from outdoor lighting during sunsets shining on crest of wakes in a river or ocean waves crashing onto a wet sandy beach, paired with very dark shadows. HDR allows the natural range of lighting to be shown on the 2016 model TVs. While HDR formatted content is required to make use of the new hardware, streaming services such as Amazon Video, Netflix, and even Walmart’s Vudu offers select content with a HDR label. This new format could be compared to when surround sound became available for home video. Audio still worked if you did not have a…

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