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Description of the Video Clip This lesson is tying together a lesson I taught earlier in the week. On that Tuesday, I taught a lesson that was a series of minilabs about Newton’s First Law of Motion. Basically all we had time for on Tuesday was the kids to cycle through the minilabs with a bit of introduction at the beginning. My mentor was gone the next day, so it made sense to follow up and synthesize all the learning on Thursday. When I got there, we talked through what a good plan for the day would be, and I executed it in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hours. The video consists of clips from 3rd and 4th hours. In the lesson, students were comparing labs and trying to find the similarities and how they all fit together. There was a lot of group work: …show more content…
That will hopefully assuage my fears and get rid of some of the nervousness. Kids really pick up on that – I had one student respond in his feedback for the Tuesday lesson with this advice: “Don’t be stressed. Your [sic] a great teacher.” I need to take his advice.
• Get more large-group teaching experience in a school setting with middle schoolers. I love working with middle schoolers – they are so much fun and have so much to offer! That being said, for both of my 8th grade placements this year, my mentors have noted that I need to build confidence when working with kids that age. I hope to do a fair amount of subbing at the junior high when I am home to get some of that experience in front of middle schoolers. I know a decent number of the kids I’d be subbing for, which is both good and bad.
• Share more of my personal life with students. I know this is not a very concrete goal, but this is something I need to do more with students. I have known some of these students for basically the entire school year, yet they probably don’t know that I have a brother in 8th grade. It’s those little things that will help me be a better teacher and connect with my students better and will help build the relationships that I love so

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