Analysis Of Estella Havisham As A Gothic Femme Fatale

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Chapter -4 Conclusion

This study was set out to explore Estella Havisham as a Gothic Femme Fatale, set against the backdrop of Victorian era. Albeit a few studies have showed up in the course of the most recent decade or so, on female characters of Victorian fiction, but, minority has completely alluded to the relationship to some of them as gothic women. Along these lines, this research paper investigates about the part of breaking down the "underhanded" representations of 'Estella Havisham' as a female who has been researched as a gothic woman of nineteenth-century fiction. Her character is constructed of what unmistakably can be called a 'Femme Fatale' in sorts of conduct amid the current restoration of its origination. Additionally, this
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As we know that in the contemporary age, all the things that once were mysterious and supernatural, today they are approached psychoanalytically. Here in this study, we have also tried to investigate Estella from a psychoanalytic perspective. Building upon the character of Estella as a Femme Fatale, we have tried to take this concept to psychoanalysis and discovered its roots in Narcissism. For this purpose, we took into account, the works of various psychoanalysts like Freud, Salome, Zizek etcetera who have worked extensively on the subject and some of them have even clearly placed the concept of Femme Fatale in the realm of Narcissism. After giving the sufficient background knowledge about Narcissism, we have later tried to link it with the personality of Estella Havisham and by connecting Estella to Narcissism; we have proved the existence of a connection between Femme Fatale and Narcissism. Not only did this study create a link between Narcissism and the Femme Fatale but it also its connection to the gothic realm by taking into account the Narcissism in beastly animals and the …show more content…
In this manner, the harm of genders force parity has undermined the settled, resting nature of women at that period, and in this way it had been supplanted by a profound definition on femme fatale whom turned into a capable model for the New Woman in England in nineteenth century.
Along these lines, 'Estella Havisham' which had been displayed by Charles Dickens as Femme Fatale is by fear she had subjected, with a specific end goal to frame a character deserving of revelation. Then again, clarified in some way or the other that, after going into sexual personality in a patriarchal world, a woman must figure out how to quell her own particular motivations, and must support her own energies under the iron hand of reason.
Subsequently, the supposition of this novel, had reasonably spoken to social standards and awesome arrangement of Victorianism, additionally women had been precisely depicted in the subordinate social position that standards and mores had consigned them which are being replaced by the femme fatale

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