Essay on Victorian Literature And Wuthering Heights

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Victorian Literature and Wuthering Heights What is the problem with love in Wuthering Heights? Well, Wuthering Heights is a love novel that was published during the Victorian literature period. Therefore, it contains elements of the Victorian period that shaped the Victorian literature. Three Victorian literature elements that are seen in the novel Wuthering Heights and effect the characters love life are societal perception, social class, and education.
Societal perception is the biggest effect to which the character chooses to love in the Novel Wuthering Heights. Victorians of this period were stereotypical of class, race, and gender. Victorian’s view of those from the lower classes and other races as inferior and that they “were irrational, childlike, superstitious, criminal, extremely sexual and dirty” (Smith, 1). However, the upper classes are known as gentleman’s having “morals, [is] respectable, Christian, rational and middle class, [and] the ideal human” (Smith 1). In Wuthering Heights, the society shapes people into stereotyping and judging people instead of accepting people for what they have and who they are. This affects who the characters choose to love in the novel. In the Novel Wuthering Heights, there were two love triangles. It is noticeable that who the characters in the novel choose to be with depended on how the society affects them. The first love triangle in Wuthering Heights was between Catherine, Heathcliff and Edgar. Heathcliff, after becoming a…

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